Book Review: OHADA Accounting, Building Statistics & Tax Returns From Scratch.

July 23, 2019

This book is an attempt to bring together the basics of OHADA accounting, understanding how transactions are passed and finally how to build a year-end Statistics and tax returns (STR) in Cameroon. In Cameroon, tax books (mostly in French) try to explain the whole tax system making it a bit too much for people to grasp the subject matter. But in this book I have taken just a particular topic and have tried to explain in as much details as I could. Filing the DSF report is a mandatory legal requirement by companies every year and understanding how to build this report as an entrepreneur, company owner, investor, accountant or manager is vital not only to be able to interpret your company’s financial performance, but also to be able to interpret that of your competitors.
What you will find in this book:

The goal of the book is to:

*Give you a basic back ground of the OHADA accounting system
*Explain to you with examples the OHADA chart of account and how financial transactions are treated based on the OHADA accounting system.
*Explain in details using comments on all the tables in a Statistics and Tax Returns report.

*Explain the calculation and application of Company tax in Cameroon.
*Introduce and explain the revised accounting system (SYSCOHADA)
*Provide a complete 2017 revised chart of accounts (SYSCOHADA)

To make this simple and direct this book has 6 sections, the first 2 tells you about the OHADA system and the 3rd one is on building DSF from scratch, the 4th on understanding the application of Company taxes in Cameroon, the 5th is on the new revised DSF which came into application in financial year 2018, on section 6 we look at the complete revised chart of accounts SYSCOHADA


Rofur Tchifu Mbunkur – Chief Executive Officer (HR & SYSTEMS LTD)

Rofur is a seasoned accountant with over 10years of work experience in the banking, aviation and Accounting/Finance Consultancy sectors in Cameroon. He has a sound experience in the banking and finances Market in Africa and has worked for one of Africa’s largest bank United Bank for Africa (UBA CAMEROON) were he held top strategic managerial positions in Finance performance and reporting. He also worked for many years for the Cameroon state owned aviation company CAMAIR-CO as Finance controller and overall Finance Director. In these positions he has been through many tax audits as well as external audits. Rofur is currently an Entrepreneur owning a conglomerate of small business. He is a finance and tax consultant with a big portfolio of companies in diverse industries. Being a perfectly bilingual person (English and French), Rofur has excellent interpersonal and communication skills. He is a chartered Accountant, a certified Cameroon tax expert, certified financial modelling expert and an Oracle certified database professional.

The Book Launches on Saturday August 3rd 2019, Neptune Gardens, Bonamoussadi, Douala at 2PM Prompt.

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