Cameroon’s Harry Kuchah Voted IATEL’s VP

December 12, 2017

Cameroon’s Dr. Harry Kuchah Kuchah has been voted as the new Vice President of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL).

In the elections recently organized by the international body, the Cameroonian garnered 63.97% of the 3670 eligible voters against 36.03% from his main rival Daniel Xerri, to become the first elected non-white member of IATEFL hold the position.

Described as a true Champion by IATEFL, the Trustees will be putting forth a recommendation at the AGM at the Brighton Conference in April 2018 to appoint him as the new Vice President. He would later move to the role of President.

A Fellow of the British Higher Education Academy, Harry has proven his worth as a leading member at the Cameroon English Language and Literature Teachers’ Association, CAMELTA. The British Association for Applied Linguistics as well as the Teaching English in Large Classes (TELC) Research Network can roll out a red carpet for his tireless efforts.

Presently the Co-Editor of ELTResearch, Harry Kuchah has special research interests in teaching young learners, context-appropriate ELT methodology, teaching large and multi-grade classes, and learner autonomy and teacher development.

A lecturer at the University of Bath, he has worked for three years as a university teaching fellow in two UK universities.

For over 15 years he worked tirelessly in the field of English language education and Applied Linguistics as served as an English language teacher, teacher trainer, coursebook writer, policy maker, and assistant lecturer in Cameroon.