Egypt to host African 2019 Cup of Nations

January 9, 2019

The Confederation of African Football CAF has granted the hosting of AFCON2019 to Egypt.

The AFCON will take place from the 15th Of June to the 13th July 2019.

CAF in November stripped Cameroon of the rights to host the continental competition, citing unpreparedness and insecurity.

Egypt and South Africa then made bids to take up the competition, pledging ready facilities.

On Tuesday, CAF held a vote to determine the new host, and Egypt won by 16 votes to South Africa’s one.

Reports indicate South Africa lost the bid because of reservations over its ability to attract crowds to attends the games.

However African football fanatics are showing mixed feelings over CAF’s decision, complaining about the level of insecurity and racism in that part of the continent. They fear for the lives of the players. In response the CAF President Ahmad Ahmad assured everyone that stringent measures have been taken to ensure that the competition goes through successfully without any losses.