Exclusive Interview: Gospel Artist DE PROMIZ wants to take the Cameroonian Gospel Music Industry a little over the board.

January 23, 2019

It is an exciting time for the muic industry in Cameroon and Gospel Music is not being left out.

De Promiz is one gospel artist to watch as we all work to contribute to the advancement of not only the Cameroonian economy but its culture too. We caught up with the prodigy to know more about him and his vision for his career.

1 Who is de Promiz?

“DE PROMIZ” is a dynamic young Cameroonian from MAMFE, in the South West Region of Cameroon, graduated from the prestigious University of Buea with a Bachelors degree in Political Science and Public Administration in 2015.,He later took a Professional Crash Program in Project Management and is presently a Computer Repair Technician. He has always had passion for music and dance from childhood reasons why he was into showbiz in 2003 as a dancer, in 2011 he encountered Jesus and that was a turning point for his music passion and career.


2 What is your genre of music ,  why did you choose to do gospel music and when did you start?

For now I am going to use the term “pro music” pro music is a combination of Cameroonian percussions, melody and western baseline which give a unique Sound and feeling that no man can resist. I choose gospel music because the gospel is life and can only give life. I have always believed in good music and good music should be able to give, encourage, uplift,  build and most of all put happiness on people’s faces. Started writing since secondary school days in 2007, and started recording In 2013.


3 Are you ready for the world to discover and hear you out?

Ending 2018 God told me I have called you to Impact the world with my knowledge and put smiles on the faces of people through music and the time to start is now. With this words I can say I am very ready to shake this world with uniqueness, style and class back to back.


4 Can Cameroonians know what to expect from you? Your future plans and aspirations ?

Cameroonians should be ready for creativity and uniqueness. Like I  said “pro” music has come to  inspire Cameroonians to think out of the box when making music because I believe everybody is unique and every artist has something to add in the Music Industry and for my future plans we have a lot in store for our audience and we are going to be giving updates.

I aspire to be brand of which I believe I am already and also a trend setter. Being that Icon which everybody would love to identify with and also learn from


5 Tell us about the Music Industry in Cameroon and how you intend to bring some change..

So far so good I believe the Music Industry in Cameroon is growing rapidly but it has also reached the point where most songs and artists sound alike. This is the challenge with Music Industry in Cameroon. Artists are more interested in copying than in creating and to me it is a limitation to the Industry. I believe creativity can pay off and can also put Cameroon Music Industry under spotlight why not even take it to the top because I believe Cameroonians should be at the top not the bottom. Our cultural diversity is our pride so we should be able to draw inspiration from. Let us start by identifying with our culture and watch the world kneel at our feet so De Promiz has come to break every limitation and take the  industry to a new phase


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