Huawei launches foldable 5G smartphone Mate X

March 12, 2019

Chinese tech company on Sunday unveiled its Mate X, a foldable ready smartphone that will retail for 2,299 euros ($2,607).

It is expected to be available to the public by summer.

This is the Huawei Mate X. It’s super-thin, (supposedly) super-fast, and quite unlike any of the handful of foldables we’ve seen so far. The price, too, is incredible: €2299, or about $2600. The basic design of this foldable is what you might call an “outie” — the screen’s on the outside, as opposed to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which has its screen on the inside and a secondary display on the shell.


The phone-sized panel is exactly what you’d expect: an all-screen front face, with no notch, because there’s no need for a front facing camera. It looks like a modern, full-screen smartphone, only thicker and slightly more angular.

The question users are asking now  is if such form factor adds much value to the user experience, other than the fact that it lets you enlarge the display and occasionally fold the device.