Lead! Do Not Follow by Roland Kwemain

 The truth is if we don’t know where we are coming from it is difficult to know where we are heading to. If we are not redeemed spiritually and connected to our glory past, it becomes practically difficult to address the current challenges faced by the world and even impossible to be sustained materially in the future. We should stop focusing on what divides us and rather build on what unites us.

The way forward will be essentially COLLABORATION and other Cs.
Creativity-Commitment-Confidence-Cooperation-Common Sense-Communication-Consistency-Conviction-Competency-Citizen ship-Conscience-Courage.

Over the last 15 years of my various professional commitments, family, social and spiritual, I was able to discover the power of the delegation. Delegate it’s assign to another a job that we can do ourselves. Delegate helps us to be more effective. He allows us to do more than we can imagine.
High performance people tend to be perfectionists, with a strong tendency to do things themselves. If we are doing everything ourselves, we can never have enough time for ourselves. The delegation of effective implies a balance between the control, the order and the trust.
When we delegate, we are strengthening the capacity of someone by giving him the opportunity to be useful. Most people are not happy that if they contribute to the attainment of a great vision. And for this, they must believe in and follow the leader that they admire and respect.
If we want to be good leaders, we must learn to delegate. As an entrepreneur, the progress of our business is directly related to the level of the control of the daily tasks of management that we are ready to give up and focus more on the strategic issues.
At the beginning of this week, we need to take possession of this formula: ZERO CONFIDENCE + Zero delegation = Zero progress. In reality, all lasting success comes more quickly and if we all agree that Leaders are learners, then Teaching becomes one of the success principles. We can learn how to undertake anything we hope for by teaching, educating, empowering and coaching others. One of the efficient ways to learn is to teach. And the best way to teach is by illustration. True Leaders are constantly updating their knowledge and acquiring new competencies. Who we know is important (network) but WHAT we know is the bond that ties us to the people we are called to serve.

In life as in leadership, there are 3 important times:-The Past-The Present and The Future. They are all linked. The effective management and a good mastery of the above is a key success factor to anyone who aspires to greatness.
Thinking and staying in the past will instead allow us not to concentrate on what is at our reach. We may be nostalgia or too regretful.
Worrying a lot about the future is dangerous for our mental and physical health. We may develop constant anxiety.
The present is our best gift. That is why we should focus all our energy in making the best out of it. We should be occupied (busy) but not preoccupied (idle) by controlling our thoughts. No matter the mightiness of our current challenges, obstacles, frustrations…if we are calmed and cool, we will see that the solution is not as far as we could imagine.

God’s time is the best!!