Moving Forward in Life by Budi Norbert

October 23, 2017

Some of us go through life continuously branding ourselves victims of whatever situation we find ourselves.
We get so comfortable playing the victim that we become professionals at providing beautiful excuses for our failures and we mount superb reasons for our inability to bring about change in our lives.
“My boss doesn’t like me, that’s why I cannot get promoted”
“I do not want to disappoint my parents, that’s why I cannot go after my dreams”
“Yes I am talented, but have you any idea how many talented people are on the streets?”
“It’s a great business idea..yes..but I have no capital!”
” It is believed my aunt has had my destiny tied up in our village, I can never do well”
We can play the victim for as long as we want, but this is what the Bible says…
We shall all give an account to God, an account of what we did with our gifts, talents, strengths and our unique ability as children of God to overcome all obstacles.

Go to the mirror, look at the person you see, smile and say these words.
You are amazing, special, smart and different.
You have special skills and talent needed to stand out in your world.
You have so much love in your heart the world needs.
You are the solution to someone’s problem.
You are gifted, charming in every aspect of the word, you are amazing.
Somebody needs you…someone needs your help.
They do not know about your worries, neither can they feel your pain or see your tears.
But they need you! need you to be strong despite the weakness that engulfs and the sadness that overwhelms you.
Now smile…get dressed…go out and be you.
Be amazing…special, smart and awesome.
Someone needs you.

Understand this…when you are playing a game of cards with your stronger opponent, do not at any instant let them come close to having a chance to use their Joker. Frustrate them by playing the basic cards till their Joker becomes irrelevant and hit them with yours when they start to panic. Do not let them use their power.
Many people are expecting you to fail, because your light shines too bright in their faces. They sit patiently, putting their lives on hold, waiting for your downfall. Do not give them that pleasure…Work harder! Do not give them the chance to be right. They should not be able to say «You see…we said it!” If you need motivation, just think about the crowd hungrily anticipating your failure.

Learn to shut out the noise!
On the road to success, you will face adversity in the form of gossip and ‘wise words’ aimed at helping you come to terms with ‘reality’.
You have to build a wall around your mind and learn to not be moved by the painful words people may throw at you. Without that wall…you will eventually give in and give up. Shut out the noise!

Top of Form

Your mid 20s are the most important years of your life.
It is the period during which you either make or mar your life.
Why not sacrifice a couple of years, dedicate them to hard work and discovering yourself.
Plant your seed and commence watering it.
Do the things today that others wouldn’t do, so you can have the things tomorrow that they wouldn’t have.
The “Good Life” is not going to happen just because you wanted it…no…It is going to happen because you believed in yourself, went after your dream and gave it all you had!
Greatness is not a myth…It is a way of life!