Roland Kwemain’s Quotes for a Positive view of Life.

October 23, 2017
  1. If we want to inspire, motivate and influence others, the surest and only way is to lead by example
  2. As thirst makes water more invigorating, and hunger makes a meal more appetizing, so does adversity makes success more amazing
  3. Controversy builds awareness and strengthens our brand
  4. Leaders who are spiritually advanced have a greater capability to get up and go on than those who are spiritually small
  5. If we held ourselves captive to accusation against others, we are overlooking that the source of our criticism may have been sent to us for our greater good
  6. Our eyes are in front for it is more significant to look forward than to look backwards
  7. Courage is the expensive but affordable price to pay for sustainable success
  8. ZERO trust + zero designation equals zero progress