Songwe Vera, Melissa Bime, Mimi Mefo and Horore Bebga make AWP Network 2018 Powerlist.

January 3, 2019

In a bid to recognize African women with powerful, inspiring, and influential voices, the Africa Women Power Network – AWP has released its list of 40 women who made a difference and inspired communities in 2018.

This list features Mimi Mefo  an activist and a journalist who was jailed for covering the violence in Cameroon. The violence was caused by English-speaking separatists fighting the largely French-speaking government. Takambou covered an American’s death but was jailed by the government of Cameroon for writing “fake news.” She had cited social media reports that claimed the Cameroonian military shot Charles Wesco.

Melissa Bime, winner of the 2018 Anzisha Prize and the founder of INFIUSS, an online blood bank and digital supply chain platform that ensures patients in 23 hospitals in Cameroon have life-saving blood when and where they need it.

Horore Bell Bebga, an entrepreneur and founder of Likalo2, a media company and a digital training center who is also convener of African Women Entrepreneurs and Digital Training for Women & Girls. Bebga is 2018 winner of the Pan African CEO Magazine award, an award that recognizes leaders in the ICT sector.

Vera Songwe, the first woman appointed Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission on Africa (ECA). The ECA is one of the United Nation’s five regional commissions, and its mandate is to promote the economic and social development of African states.

 AWP Network, aims to encourage more African women with powerful voices  who will continue to create programs and policies that support the development and growth of African women and girls.