Start UP Nation Cameroon: 10 Start-Up Companies to Watch Out For.

January 7, 2019

If you have lived in Cameroon the past three years, you would notice the buoyancy in the Cameroonian Entrepreneurial ecosystem. You would have noticed a dynamic generation of young people running with speed, chasing global trends. You would have noticed a resilient generation of people who against all odds, against the struggle the Cameroonian is fighting with , young people trying so hard to lift up their nation to the standards of their peers on an international front.

It is thanks to this efforts of a new generation that the start-up ecosystem in Cameroon can be rated amongst other economies abroad.

In effect, Cameroon according to the Start – Up Africa Magazine has been ranked amongst the top 100 African Entrepreneurial countries. All thanks to an ingenious young and tenacious youth.

From the North to the South, to the East to the West, the economy is marked by start-up companies which are playing an immense role in driving the economy, curbing youth unemployment and inspiring other young people to be active change agents by providing solutions that can change the nation’s socio-economic and political status quo.

As of now, private institutions in Cameroon makes for 64% of the nation’s GDP with start-ups making 42% of this rate.

Focus here is supposed to be put on supporting these SMEs to grow and scale  by government’s assistance mostly in financing the existing start-up companies.

These are the top most innovative companies driving change and creating and adding value for Cameroonians.


 Zuoix, is a Limbe-based startup, it is Cameroon’s first Offensive Information Security firm that provides SMS-based security solutions and applications to businesses, corporate bodies and governments in Africa.

The company is founded by Zuo Bruno an ethical hacker in Silicon Mountain, Buea.

Under ZUOIX, Zuo  Bruno founde ZOOMED, a car-tracking application using SMS… eradicating any need for the internet.

The Zoomed app does car-tracking based solely on specific SMS commands. With a MT3336 GPS chip programmed with a sensitivity of -159dBm installed in the vehicle under one hour, the user can locate a car, with direction, and elevation information. The app has features that support :

  • Voice Surveillance & two-way calling functionality
  • Geo-fencing technology with SMS
  • Overspeed recognition, and alarm
  • Ignition alert
  • SOS alarm
  • Immobilization
  • Power failure alert

A user can dial simple USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code, such as *XYZ*12# and be able to locate their car, immobilize it or other features. To locate the car, the user simply has to place a call to that car and it will drop the call after two rings and reply with an SMS showing the current location, speed, and direction of the car.

The app which is priced at FCFA 120,000 ($ 212), already has a large client base; with over 50 enterprises, amongst them the country two top companies, making use of the app.

Zoomed is fast becoming ultimate solution for car owners and the automobile industry, Zuoix prides itself on starting a new trend it’s termed, the “SMS-Of-Things”. The application has been introduced to other African countries like Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.

We are hoping that in the next few years it is the number one application used by Africans and beyond. which is powered by GericomGroup Co.Ltd is a web and mobile platform for buying and selling agricultural products. It allows access to agricultural products in Cameroon, Africa and the rest of world. We provides Email and SMS notifications, 24/7 online Chat support to its customers..

Our goal is to provide farmers and communities and agricultural dealers in Cameroon and Africa, opportunities to market their farm products online and reach consumers around Cameroon, Africa and the rest of the world while creating a real added value to the agricultural arena by providing an online marketplace connecting African farmers and agro dealers to buyers around the world, growing local farmer markets into a global one.

We oversee transactions from start to finish, ensuring reliability, loyalty, trustworthiness, efficiency and saving time for either parties; sellers and buyers, involved in the transaction. Our wide range of online payments makes transactions easier from our national and international payment methods (MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money and Paypal). offers traditional methods of payments like Western Union, Money Gram, Express Union, Express Exchange and Cash on Delivery. We are secured for online purchases powered by GeoTrust.

3 Key Approaches of

1 – Sensitize Farmers, Agricultural Dealers and Users

Marketing Information and opportunities can contribute towards the growth of small and medium size farmers. with, small and medium size farmers are informed about online market opportunities to enable them increase sales.

2 – Train Farmers, Agricultural Dealers and Users on eCommerce/

With eCommerce knowledge, farmers and agricultural dealers can understand advantages in selling online. with, small and medium size farmers are trained about eCommerce and how to sell over platform

3 – Listing/Buying of farm products over our platform

Listing and buying online via improve the economy thus farmers and users with more money in their pocket. with, farmers list products for FREE and users buy with no extra charges.

How Works

Farmers and Users with NO internet Access
  1. Farmers send SMS with basic details of farm produce for sales
  2. call centre or customer care call farmer or user to collect full details of farm products and list the products online.
  3. Listed products are sold, SMS sent to inform farmer about the sales. Products are picked up or delivered.

Farmers and Users with Internet Access

  1. Farmer go to web or mobile and access or mobile app.
  2. Register, Login and list his/her products for sales.
  3. Farm products are sold, SMS and Email alerts sent. Farm products picked up or delivered.



Maibeta Inc.

At Maibeta, skilled technicians are connected digitally through our platform to the public and make home, office and building maintenance and construction better and more hassle free than ever before. As homeowners, tenants and contractors you know that finding skilled technicians who are reliable, timely and have adequate expertise for your maintenance or projects can be a nightmare.

Maibeta has built a solid network of pre-screened technicians and has partnered with reputable organisations to augment the skills of these technicians. This platform was built to ensure that everyone can easily have access to these technicians for  jobs.

Maibeta was founded in 2015 by Bamai Namata and has completed thousands of projects and is changing lives by boosting incomes and living standard of technicians who have the opportunity to benefit from this platform through continuous service demand as well as skills development trainings.


Founded by Ekambi Alain, Dikalo means “message” in the Cameroonian Douala language. It  is a communication platform with a focus on privacy, speed and security. Dikalo is fast, simple, easy to use and free. You can use Dikalo on all your devices at the same time. Your messages are seamlessly synced across any number of your phones, tablets or computers. Dikalo lets you send photos, videos, audios and files of any type (doc, zip, mp3, etc), as well as create groups with an unlimited number of people. Dikalo works on iOS, Android, the web, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Dikalo is for everyone who wants fast and reliable messaging while keeping full control over personal information. Users decide when and with who they want to share private data (e.g tefonnumber, email, facebook id, etc …).

Therefore Dikalo is perfect when you’re meeting someone for the first time, contacting someone on a temporary basis. So, scenarios such as meeting someone in a bar or at a conference, selling or buying something on Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, etc … Online dating, speed dating, customer support, etc…

Dikalo comes handy when you are dealing with people you want to keep off your contact list but still like to communicate with in realtime. These may be contacts like the members in a PTA or the players you are coaching or campaign workers you are managing, for instance. There are a myriad of such needs.

Since Dikalo is a complete messaging platform you can also have a friend list and chat with them like on any other messaging app.



EduAirBox (Formerly KwiiziBox ) is the concept name to offer a better education via digital with or without internet. Our work focuses on the design of portable and open media libraries in the form of Boxes giving access to millions of educational content and offering an integrated communication system where learners can collaborate and make video calls within the local network deployed by the Box.

This revolutionary product is Less expensive than a classic library in terms of cost and maintenance, this Box and its digital library save space on your office while containing more books than a classic library.

The Box has a collaborative private cloud that allows students and teachers to write documents as a work team to facilitate exchanges and academic research

Tailor-made content can be created and updated constantly. You can add new content yourself by keeping control of your EduAirBox.




Enriched textbooks at affordable prices

Discuss and Collaborate

Enjoy the text editor working in collaborative mode and in real time. It allows multiple people to share a simultaneous development of a text, and discuss it in parallel, via an instant messenger

Fully Responsive

On all devices get an interface optimized according to the size of your screen whether you are on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Low Power consumption

Its fanless design and its technology reduce the heating temperature and reduces power consumption.




Infuiss is a revolutionary health service that connects health facilities to a vast database of blood banks in other health institutions, to help them have more options for blood transfusions. They also provide health education to the masses and encourage blood donations from individuals.

As a nurse, Melissa Bime, founder of Infiuss saw a huge challenge in her country’s hospitals – getting essential blood supplies to those in need in order to save lives. So she became an impact entrepreneur, choosing to change the situation rather than being part of it and launched her online blood bank Infiuss as a solution.

“Our vision is to make blood available to those in extreme need and fight against deaths related to blood shortages.” – Melissa Bime



Jangolo Farm

Jangolo Farm is an E Commerce platform developed by Jangolo SARL. This platform is dedicated to the sale of agricultural products and processed products made in Cameroon and offers a delivery service as well. Since its creation in 2016, the platform currently counts more than 8000 stakeholders in the agricultural and agri-food sectors, including more than 4,000 farmers from whom the marketed products are obtained. The platform’s mobile app, Jangolo Market is available on Google play store to facilitate access to local products via its catalog and speed up the products’ ordering process. Jangolo SARL aims to facilitate the interactions between the stakeholders of the value chain of the agricultural and agri-food sectors by grouping them through the platform thereby leading to the overall improvement of their performances.


We Cash Up

A Universal Payment Platform which accepts and disburses payments in Cash, Mobile Money, Bank wallets, Cards and Crypto-currencies via a single API integration.

We Cash Up was founded by Cedric Atangana is a product of INFINITY SPACE,  a social innovation finTech startup born in Douala (Cameroon), expanded to Nairobi (Kenya) and now based in Marseille (France). In everything we do, we believe in Challenging the i’mPOSSIBLE; making the impossibles possible, in an unstoppable way. And one of these impossibles is the fact that more than 2 Billions people in the world are unbanked (no credit cards) and cannot pay online. Up to 800 million of them are based in Africa, around 500 million in South Asia and 300 million in Latin America. This is a brake for the global economic exchanges. However, the majority of these people own mobile phones. That’s why we decided to go through this challenge and work to enable people in these areas to be part of the e-business wave that drives the world today and will create the next generation of social innovation in the future.



 SmobilPay stands for Simplicity in bill payments.
Smobilpay  is a unique turnkey solution designed for third party electronic bill payment that supports multiple payment and notification options. It meets the highest standards of quality resulting from thorough testing and certification by leading African companies based on their deep understanding of the market.

Smobilpay™ comes with a flexible design that enables it to integrate and work with the IT systems of any company. It offers third party merchants acting as bill collectors for service providers the possibility of collecting the payments via web (in the branches) or via mobile devices (used by agents on the field). It offers consumers the possibility of paying their bills at the location of their choice. Smobilpay™ is developed by maviance GmbH using its Smart Mobile Application Platform.



Since 2015, Wasamundi has been creating products that increase and improve visibility of local businesses online across search engines, social networks and mobile phones. Our key product, allows users to find relevant and trusted information about businesses and places of various categories (including but not limited to: restaurants, hotels, bars, plumbers, hospitals, pharmacies, beauty salons etc) in cities throughout Cameroon. Visitors to each of our city guides will find contact information, business details, perfect location description, maps, photos and user reviews of the businesses listed. We also make it possible for users to contact these businesses directly from the platform via SMS.

Through, users are empowered to rate and review businesses which they love or did not like at the same time reward themselves with badges which can be redeemed.